Woven Flexible Tarpaulin

(ICRC/IFRC/MSF Standard)

Waterproof: , Rotproof: , Family Shelter Protection: , All Climate Zone: , UV Stablised: , Logo Customizable:
  • Fire retardant, waterproof, rotproof and UV-resistant
  • Band reinforced tarpaulin in sheet of 4 x 6 m developed by international research project and designed for long outdoor use in all climates
  • Woven high density polyethylene (HDPE) black fibers fabric coated on both sides with low density polyethylene (LDPE) coating
  • Highly recommended for family shelter protection


  • Woven HDPE black fibers fabric, double-side LDPE coating, reinforced with 6 bands of 75 ±3% mm width woven black HDPE fibers fabric and coated outside
  • Pre-punched 8 mm holes on the 2 side bands at 0.1 m ±10% intervals, positioned in the center of the bands (only the reinforcement bands are pre-punched, not the tarpaulin itself)
  • Flame retardant EN13823+A1 Min 500N, 15-35% elongation in warp and weft in plain sheet under ISO 1421-1



Size / Sheet 4 x 6 m ±1%


Size / Roll 4 x 60 m ±1%


Specific sheet without bands weight complete sheet with bands weight total weight 190 g ±20 under ISO 3801 (equivalent to min 170 to 210 gsm max) Plain sheet specific weight plus 10% additional weight for reinforcement bands under ISO 3801 From min 187 to 231 gsm. Specific weight of bands from min 150 to 200 gsm max

Additional weight of band (10%)